Our History

Lakeside Community Committee was founded in 1964 by the late Barbara Jones Green. The agency serves as an important social service and economic anchor in the communities. Lakeside has provided the community with a broad spectrum of children and family oriented programs and services.

Lakeside's main office, which is now located within the heart of the Chatham community, is highly sensitive to the community's social, economic conditions and needs. Our professional staff is uniquely qualified to provide viable solutions for quality child care.

Lakeside is proud of its strong record of broad community involvement and participation in achieving our mission. Our staff and consultants are a group of dedicated, highly trained men and women who come from all walks of life.

Lakeside Mission Statement

Our mission at Lakeside Community Committee is to provide a full spectrum of foster, social and community services that will:

  • Facilitate quality foster care for needy children.

  • Reunite biological parents and their children.

  • Promote the healthy and positive growth of children, young adults and senior citizens.

  • Strengthen the social and economic base of the community.

Board of Directors



Mrs. Josephine E. Glover

Vice President

Dr. Jacqueline E. Davis


Attorney Charles Krugel


Ms. Zelda Jackson


Ms. Mallorie A. Garner

Mrs. Mable Hales

Rev. Jonathan Hall, Sr.

Attorney Charles Krugel

Ms. Jan LaShea

Mr. Claude L. Wyatt III

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If you have any comments or questions, please email us at mail@lakeside-cc.org

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